Must Attend customer support conferences of 2013

Customer support conferences are a useful and powerful event which any business professional can stand to benefit from. If you deal with customers in any way, shape or form directly, then you, regardless your department, can learn how to handle customers better by attending these conferences.

Customer support conferences provide insight into the psyche of consumers, and give you ideas of what new types of demographics have come into being, and to learn from the trial and error of other businesses. You can establish new, highly useful contacts and establish business relationships that benefit millions of people on a good day as well.

So, you obviously can’t just up and go to one some Monday evening on a flight of fancy, as these are conferences and conventions, which require travel, reservations and planning. This means that it’s really helpful to know which ones are going on ahead of time.

So, here are three must-attend conferences. Of course, you probably can’t attend all three, but attending one of these, the nearest and easiest for you to attend, would benefit you for years to come.

#1 – UserConf NYC (May 3)

UserConf is an informal get together of professionals predominately from the eastern sea board who share their tales of customer problems, solutions and dynamics for incentivizing and promoting customer loyalty. In the past, several respected and best selling business authors have attended these conferences, and given lectures that their books don’t cover.

It’s a great city to “have to” travel to, New York. The people are wonderful and the culture is rich. So, it’s a great trip, learning and broadening your horizons both in customer support and in experience with all the richness of the world.

#2 – EMACS (October 8 – 11, Atlanta, GA)

Happening in another one of America’s more beautiful great cities, EMACS is one of the bigger conferences in customer relations out there. Being focused on customer experience, this conference features speakers on marketing, customer loyalty, user experience, branding, psychology, sociology and much more.

This is the big meeting of the minds when it comes to customer support and related topics, so you can almost become educated via osmosis just by driving by this event.

This is the one to go to in order to network and mingle as well, as it has the largest gathering and the most diverse one. This is a very professional but casual gathering, and despite its business subject matter, EMACS is never a boring place to be, trust me.

#3 – Customer Service Experience (April 19-21, New York, NY)

And we’re back in the city so nice they had to name it twice with the Customer Service Experience symposium in July. This is another one to go to for great speakers and to network, as the round table discussions and casual lunches and discussions create an organic atmosphere where ideas can freely flow.

Novice or professional, your opinions, thoughts and queries will be heard and held equal with all others at this gathering, so don’t be afraid to speak up and show a thirst for knowledge.

Customer support conferences are a useful thing, so you should try to attend at least one this year if your schedule and your budget permits it. You won’t be sorry, no matter what your actual job is.


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