Must Read Customer Service News of the Week

Summer is in full swing, and that hasn’t stopped people sharing their thoughts in the news!  As usual, my peers are exploring the practices of social media in the customer service department.  You may know my thoughts on this, but if you don’t, i’m a big fan, IF its done right!

First up this week, I wanted to share with you.  Learn how to make your customers more human!  Customer service is about building relationships and loyalty, not closing cases. It’s the human element that helps to connect people and creates customer experiences that bring on a lifetime of loyalty.

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Have you ever wondered if having amazing customer can give you an edge on your competitors?  Well the guys at small biz club think so! The right amount and quality of customer service, will be willing to spend more money to get a better level of service.

Explore some of their ideas here

CX Journey looks into the idea that the experience must be flexible, consistent and be great!

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If you happen to be a beginner, or you are just wanting to teach your employees the basics, this set of tips will help you.   the best tip i got from this is “Respond quickly, even if you don’t have the answer”

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Finally, we get a great piece about social media in the customer service world.  should we be using social  media for customer service?  I think so, of course if you know how to communicate with customers.

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Hope the customer service news has been interesting for you?  It certainly has been for me, and thats why I choose to share with you.


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