My Favorite Articles This Week About Customer Service

When it comes to great customer service, you must understand how to combine between customer service department to other departments such as marketing department or customer success department. Find out why it’s so important to converge between customer service and marketing, why not to use 80/20 service level, examples for customer service fails, and many more interesting articles that I read this week,. Below you can find my favorite articles this week.

What the Convergence of Customer Service and Marketing Means for Business

The new customer service challenge is complaints, but today, complains no longer automatically fall under customer service department. With social media, it’s now up to marketing to remedy these issues.  Marketing and customer service are basically juggling the same tasks. In this article the author, Jay Baer, gives us three things any business should do in order to unify marketing and customer service departments.

The Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Success

The customer service department resolves problems and answers questions whenever customers have problems with the products. The customer success department, however, works with customers to ensure success and avoid problems before the customer even know an issue might exist. In this article, Shep Hyken tell us the difference between the departments and gives us some examples to make it more clear.

The Danger of the 80/20 Service Level Continues

Call center service has a metric called “service level”. This metric is defined as a pair of numbers: a percentage value and a time value in seconds. So, for example, an “80/20″ service level means 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds. In this article. The writer Shai, explains in this article the danger of service level, and how to use the Erlang equations, in order to properly model the service level in your call center.

5 Customer Service Fails That Will Make You Squirm

Did you or your employees ever argued over the phone with a customer? Ever told a customer they have zero fashion sense? In this article by B2C, you can find five customer service fails. B2C examine why things went so horribly wrong and offering some words of wisdom to highlight how your company can avoid the negative PR in social media.

5 Benefits Proactive Engagement Can Bring To Your Business

87% of customers want to be contacted proactively by companies. Being there for your customers before they even realize they have a problem, means you’re one step ahead. This strategy  will convince your customers they matter to you, this is one of the five benefits proactive engagement can bring to your business. In this article, you can find the rest  benefits of proactive engagement.

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