My Favorite Articles this week about Customer Service

Customer service is all about providing good services to customers before, during and after the purchase. Below are the best customer service articles of the week.

The Benefits of Customer Segmentation

This is the process of dividing the customers into groups. The merits of customer segmentation include customized services, understanding the customers, maximizing product potential and it also helps in attracting new customers.

How To Offer Great Customer Service with Social Media

Using social channels for customer service can be quite challenging. In order to be successful you need to train your staff, have a customer service plan and ask for feedback.

4 Ways to Provide Outstanding Customer Service on Social Media

Customers are always awaiting a quick response online whenever they experience an issue. To make the most of social media, you need to have a customer service tone, be online all the time, use the right tools and make social media visible to your team.

When Customer Service Meets Life and Death Issues

Garreth Harker is a successful restaurateur based in Boston. He is a great inspiration for everybody serving customers and the community at large.

The Must-Have Elements of a Great Service Portal

To better retain customers, a business must have a service portal. The service portal must state clearly when the service is available, get feedback and provide a search box.


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