My Favorite Articles this Week in Customer Service

Social media is a great way to offer your customers an excellent service. Find out how to get an awesome customer service on twitter, what kind of subliminal reasons customer won’t do business with you, and more. Below you can find the articles that I loved this week.

5 Tips On How To Offer Customer Service On Social Media

The author Donne Torr talk isn his article on the importance of using social media to improve your customer service. He presents a study that shows the percent of customers who use social media. 67% of customers have used a company’s social media page for service. This means that only a few people use telephone for customer support. In this article you can find five important tools to offer customer service with social media.

5 Subliminal Reasons Customer Hate Doing Business With You

When we talk about customer service and customer care,every business focus on pricing, marketing, product quality and many more. But, there are negative factors that affect customer decision rather choosing your company or your competitors. Most of the time, customers are not even aware of those factors. Micah Solomon gives us five subliminal reason customer won’t do business with you.

Seven Steps to Awesome Customer Service on Twitter

Twitter is not even a decade old and it’s already one of the primary channels for customer support. You must remember that Twitter is public, everybody can see what your customers’ problems and complaints are, and what kind of support you deliver to them.  In this article Sara Varni reveals seven ways to get good customer service on twitter.

When to Offer Fewer Customer Service Channels

If your company doesn’t use social media channels, you are not on the map.  By trying to provide customer service and care across too many channels, you are failing to provide good service in any of them. Sometimes less is more. Cynthia J. Grimm gives us many researches  that supporting the view that there is no need for many social media channels, and the importance of good customer service.

Understanding Your Customer Preferences

The profit of any company comes from their customers. If you want a profit company, you must understand what are your customer preferences. You need to find out who are your customers, what kind of shipping methods, they have, and many more.

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