My Favorite Customer Service Articles This Month

Everybody talks about providing good customer service. In reality, though,, only few manage to deliver excellent customer service and reach full customer satisfaction. What are we doing wrong? Do we really understand the meaning of customer service? On this special monthly roundup, find out why businesses still provide terrible customer service, what people consider “good” customer service, common misconceptions about customer service and many more fascinating articles that I stumbled upon. Below, you can find my favorite articles and posts this month.

5 Surprising Studies in What People Consider “Good” Customer Service

Every business knows that empathy, appreciation and helpfulness are the key to successful customer service, but is it enough? If it was, customer service wouldn’t be such a major subject to discussion.

In this article, the writer Len Markidan gives us five surprising data points on what people really expect of “good” customer service. This data will help you better understand customer expectations, and how to fulfill them.

Why Do Businesses Still Provide Terrible Customer Service

In our days, businesses know they need to deliver an excellent customer service in order to maintain customers. Due to customers’ use of social media,many businesses lose customers as a result of  terrible customer service. As a matter of fact, customers tend to share their bad experience more than the good ones.

As a result, businesses lose their customers and potential customers. In this article, Mary Shulzhenko provides us six major examples of how to deliver awful customer service. Check out and see if your business already makes some of those mistakes.

How to Balance Customer Happiness with Employee Happiness

Customers can be hard to deal with. Giving high demands, having bad attitude towards the customer service representative, aggressiveness, and other bad qualities. However, without the customers, we have no business. So, which is more important – the employees or the customers? Are the customers always right? In this refreshing article, Suzanne Lucas shares four ways to push back the choice between the two, and keep both customers and employees happy.


11 Common Misconceptions About Customer Service

Every business should put customer service on high priority and stay ahead of customer service trends. Otherwise, the business loses its customers and they will pass you by without even noticing.

There are many conceptions about customer service and their demands, but not every conception is correct. In this  Fonlo article, writer Daniela gathers for us us 11 common misconceptions about customer service, one of them being: if the customer is complaining, give them something for free.


The Choice Between Customer Service and Technology 

Which loyalty strategies deliver greater ROI? Is it a customer service experience, or is it technology that integrates ease, simplicity and speed into the product? This question is being asked by businesses almost every day.

According to this article by Shep Hyken, the answer to this question is both! When you marry customer service with technology, you can have a winning combination. Read this article and learn why it is important to combine the two, and what kind of experience your customers will have with only one loyalty strategy.


The Top Customer Success Software That You Must Consider

The main goal of every business is to attract more customers and keep them engaged. This is often being done by maintaining great customer service. With time, competition increases and multiplies, and even the most established and powerful companies face abandoning customers.

In order to prevent customers from abandoning, companies are looking for ways to find ways to improve their customer experience and maintain their customers. In this article, you can find tools to measure customer success with the help of software solution.

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