My Favorite Articles This Week About Customer Service

Always Remember: Customer Service is NOT a Cost Center

In this article, Joshua Rosentrauch talking about the fact that companies should stop looking at customer service as a cost center and start seeing it as a means to generate revenue.        In today’s world you can communicate with your customer trough the internet and social media, customers can share their thoughts about your business and products with thousands of people across multiple platforms, it can cost you in losing customers and revenue. But, you can use these platforms for communicating with them.

How to Get Customers to Keep Coming Back

“A new report concludes that more than eight out of 10 companies tie their business objectives to customer acquisition, but less than half give importance to retention.”          Every business wants to please their customers when they are in the process of buying products. In order to show them how much you care. You must provide post-sales, before they return to buy more. Dan Newman, gives us some ways to get customer experience between sales.

4 Unorthodox Ways to Boost Your Customer Service

Delivering an outstanding customer service should be a priority for any businesses. In this article, Guest Blogger gives us four examples of customer service that companies do in order to give us inspiration, such as empower employees by allowing employees to swap out products, send free batteries, inc.

8 Things Your Customer Support Teams Should Never Say

Customer service has the power to make or break relationships. Customers who deals with problems and gets bad customer service, he will leave that company.  Matthew Hussey compiled eight expression customer service have used, and suggestions on how to avoid them in future. For example, “you did that wrong”, according to “Understanding Customers” it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for that one unresolved bad one. Try to use an empathic instead.

The Naked Truth About What Your Customers Really Want

Customer service is the most important aspect in successful business. In fact, 70% of consumers will spend 13% more on companies that provide excellent service. There are three different ways to deliver an excellent customer service without investing millions of dollars.

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