National Customer Service Week: Teaching Companies about Approach to Customer Relations!

Guest post by Gary Martin, founder of Click4Assistance

National Customer Service Week 2013 (NCSW) runs from October 7th-13th 2013 and you can join in the celebrations by considering the needs of your own customers. Customer Service Week was formed by the International Customer Service Association in 1984. The principle of which was to identify and reward people who deliver outstanding customer service.

Not Heard of NCSW Before?

For those who haven’t heard of National Customer Service Week before, this week-long international event (which started 29 years ago) helps to promote customer service awareness. Customer Service Week is observed every year within the first full week of October (7-13 Oct 2013).

Admitting that your customer service efforts are not as good as they should be is a difficult step to take, but once you have faced the facts, all that is left to do is rise to challenge. Open your mind to new ideas and do not let failed techniques from the past effect you from trying bigger and bolder ideas.

If you don’t strive to provide excellent customer service, how can you expect customers to return? Well, luckily for you, National Customer Service Week comprises of many essential elements that can help teach companies about their approach to customer relations and ensure customers keep coming back for more.

Here Are Seven Handy Hints To Enhance Your Customer Service Regime:

  • Smile, Smile And Smile Some More

A smile costs nothing and it’s a great way to demonstrate to your customers that you are happy to help and that you’re an approachable person. There is nothing worse than a miserable staff member at the till point!

  • Promote Your Products

Sales and promotions may not strike you as the most effective way to cash-in, but offering your customers a worthwhile promotion will almost certainly ensure they return to your store.

  • Add Topical Content To Your Reading List

Reading relevant and up-to-date material is a superb way to remain focused and motivated. Reading topical blogs can help provide fresh ideas in a straightforward manner.

  • Find Out What Your Customers Expect From You

In order to be the best you can be and deliver astounding results, you need to understand what your customers want from you. The most effective way to do this is to ask them. This can be achieved in many ways; face-to-face, survey, online feedback form or email.

  • Market Your Products & Services Well

This may sound like a somewhat obvious factor, but there are so many business with ineffective window displays, lack of choice in terms of their product not to mention unclear or confusing price tags. If you want to promote your products and services, then do it well, otherwise you may tell your customers to shop elsewhere. Believe me, there is nothing worse than frustrating a customer who simply wants to spend money.

  • Ask Your Customers How You Are Doing

It is both modest and humble to ask a customer whether you are meeting their expectations. You will be surprised at the informative level of feedback you can gain from doing so.

  • Be A Better Customer

Let’s not overlook the role customers play in their own service. Let’s be honest… customers who are obnoxious, impatient and just damn right rude are not likely to bring out the best in you. With this in mind, why not try to become a better customer yourself?

By looking at all aspects of your customer service regime, you will learn to address the cracks and fix them. Thankfully National Customer Service Week is here to assist you, so why not try implementing some of the ideas above, or simply continue to explore the abundant resources and information provided throughout NCS week here.


Author bio:

Gary Martin is the founder of Click4Assistance. His company helps businesses manage their customer relationships via cutting-edge live chat software for websites.



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