New Software to Revolutionize Online Customer Support

When it comes to the Online Customer Support, it’s pretty simple — you have to serve the customers. You must resolve situations that arise immediately and successfully.

Customer Support or Contact centers tend to suffer from several pain points.

  • There are too many inbound emails.
  • Calls and live chats are clogging the system.
  • The agents are stressed.
  • Customer waiting times are absurdly long.

Ineffective call centers not only make the company look bad, but they cost the company a lot of money. The Customer Support business is continuously searching for technological solutions that can improve customer experience, ease call center cost and improve performance – at staggering rates.

A new and game-changing tool for enhancing customer support is a new self-service guidance system called WalkMe. WalkMe uses step-by-step tip balloons on any website or software to help users successfully complete tasks. Users are guided by these ‘Walk-Thrus’ in real-time, to complete even the most complex tasks on their own. When you are empowered to “do it yourself”, you are unlikely to contact customer support for assistance. This dramatically cuts customer support costs, while at the same time strengthening customer satisfaction as a result of a simple and intuitive user experience.

Modern Call Centers continuously monitor and identify their customers’ major concerns and support issues and create FAQ pages and video tutorials. The downside of these “self-support” documents is that it requires the customer to jump from one browser tab to another multiple times before successfully completing an online process.  These methods are tedious, time-consuming and often result in the user simply giving up or moving on to something else.

Now managers of customer support in any organization can proactively create Walk-Thrus to solve the most common customer support issues. WalkMe overlays a welcome screen with a Help Search Widget that lets customers chose the issue they need to be guided how to complete. The WalkMe Search Widget can also be configured to include results from a customer Google or Bing Search or any other Enterprise Resource Database like or Zendesk. I find that the combination of Walk-Thrus and support documentation on the same widget delivers an all-encompassing support experience that does not require leaving the website or jumping between browser tabs.

WalkMe also alleviates the workflow of call agents. The more common and simple customer issues can ultimately clog up the call center, and frustrate agents. These issues can easily be dealt by the customers if have the opportunity to self-task using online guidance like WalkMe. In fact studies show that 83 percent of consumers said they would follow proactive notification instructions, rather than call the contact center. With WalkMe, agents can solve small problems quickly and have time to deal with the bigger, more pressing customer issues. Average hold times will also decrease. Agents can now feel more comfortable and secure knowing they are doing a great job, without feeling the pressure of customers holding on the line.

An example of how this would work is like this: Instead of an agent guiding the user step-by-step – whether over the phone or via email, they can now simply send the link to the respective Walk-Thru.  This Walk-Thru will automatically guide the users. Once the customer clicks on the link (such as, “I need to change my password”), the WalkMe tool begins to navigate them each step of the way until the task is complete.

If you already have live chat, you can easily incorporate WalkMe to save even more time. (LivePerson has already integrated this directly into their system; resulting in radical improvements for the agent-customer experience).

WalkMe’s self-service tool can be used in many scenarios in order to improve service at call centers, save time and cut costs.   The revolution of self service is here. WalkMe is the solution to creating a positive customer experience and If I may dare to claim – revolutionize Customer Support as we know it.


is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe