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This weeks news has come with many interesting thoughts!  I always love reading the news.  It helps me explore new ideas, and to learn what others are thinking, and how they are changing the way customers get the support they need.

First up, we have a piece from Forbes magazine.  The article explores 7 Rules For Compensating Your Customer (After A Service Or Product Failure).

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We often discuss customer loyalty, but how far do you have to go to keep your customers.  Friends with benefits: How close can you get to your customers?

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Losing faith in your customers and the customer service practices you are running in your business? Well here are 7 stories that will restore your faith.

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do you find your digital customer experience mind boggling?  or even too difficult to run?

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I love social customer service!  It has revolutionized and helped develop self service customer.  customers expect it and businesses need to be there!  So Why is Social Customer Service Still Subpar?

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