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The top news of the week has got me thinking!  Are companies focusing too much on social customer service and forgetting the fundamentals?  Perhaps some are but from the news I’ve seen, they may or may not but there are some that seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of social customer support.

First up, we have the top 100 #custserv influencer brought to you in one magical list. Some of my favourite experts made it on the list to my delight.  Some people to look out for include: Colin Taylor, @colinsataylor, Mark Bernhardt, @ImMarkBernhardt and Yvonne A Jones, @YvonneAJones

Get to know the top 100 people here

Next up, we have a great piece.  What is needed in order to have happy customers?  It seems that email isn’t enough, even though its easier and more efficient.  STELLAService data shows it’s not always the most efficient due to customer preferences.

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Avaya have another great article this week.  it explores the idea that the Right Service Enhances the Customer Experience.  Do you agree?

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What are your thoughts on multi channel support?  Needed, not needed or in the middle.  Well I believe that its vital to your business to cover all grounds of communication.  Learn how to do it right with this white paper. The Six Best Practices for Optimizing Multi Channel Support that can help you make the right decisions when it comes to offering multi channel support.

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Take action now and learn and get to know these 5 tips to make your customer service more human!  Win the Customer, one of my favourite customer service blogs explores this idea.

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Hope this news has been interesting fro you?  it certainly has been for me, and thats why i love to share with you.





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