Overcoming Online Customer Support for Insurance

For insurance companies, nothing is more important than customer service. This started for everyone back when pamphlets and manuals were handed out for clarification regarding new policies or programs. Progression then came with the implementation of phone lines for customer support, giving people a way to get direct contact with representatives and agents. Next, things progressed even more with the internet, which changed the insurance landscape forever. It created a more competitive atmosphere, but also gave customers a way to finally connect with their agents on a more personal level.

The Challenges

challengeThere are many challenges that come with customer support when it comes to going online, but the demands must be met because competing companies will lure away potential customers if the correct steps are not taken. With the internet, customers are able to get different quotes on prices as well as ask questions about changes in their policy. If the insurance companies are not able to provide them with the right tools or information, customers may decide to take their business elsewhere. Other customers may be looking for a solution to something that they have never done before, like file a claim after an accident or find out what types of medical procedures are covered under their plan.

Customer support is nothing new, and the best in the business are able to seamlessly integrate a variety of methods to ensure that customers have the best tools at their fingertips. Providing them with more options also means that they are able to solve issues in a way that works best for them, making solutions both convenient and painless. Some prefer using an automated system while others like to chat with a representative online. Others still will resort to sending e-mails to agents, and there are a growing number of people that like to solve the issue themselves.

In fact, the self-help market is one of the fastest growing demands from customers for insurance companies, and for good reason. Self-help solutions mean that customers don’t have to talk to anyone or call during certain hours. They can avoid peak hours and take care of matters in a way that is satisfactory and simple. Self-help solutions are great for customers because they feel like they are in control of their own situation, but it is also tremendously beneficial for insurance companies as well.

When insurance companies take advantage of self-help services, they are able to weed out the potentially small issues to better serve those that truly need help. By offering solutions for those that want to tackle issues on their own, agents can provide a more personal response for those that need critical thinking and problem solving. Less money is spent on tied-up phone lines, and customers will appreciate the quick service that they get when companies utilize self-help solutions.

New solutions that revolutionize the insurance industry

umbrellaThe biggest insurance companies out there use self-help tool, also. Progressive gives customers a blog to look at and has a FAQ’s section to help solve the most common issues with the site. Blue Cross Blue Shield has a search bar on their site that lets users quickly search for keywords and provide links to pages that may give them the answer they are looking for. It’s clear that insurance companies need to implement self-help into their framework in order to stay modern and to keep customers happy.

However, the era of self-help has not come to a stop. WalkMe is the next evolution in self-help, and it will take insurance companies to the next level. This program works like a GPS to guide customers to the correct buttons and pages with highlighted prompts and text boxes. This will help reduce insurance confusion for customers and makes them feel like they are still in control of their progress. Agents can use this tool for simple tasks like getting basic quotes for more advanced steps like filing a claim. With WalkMe, the insurance company is in control as to how much they want to guide customers.

Online customer service is still a growing field, but taking advantage of it sooner means that there will be more happy customers in the future. Whether companies are in the home, car, or health insurance fields, there is nothing better than providing customers with the right tools for the job. Insurance companies should take advantage of what WalkMe has to offer and pair it with more self-help tools to ensure that customers not only stay happy with their service, but that they will tell others of the great features as well.


is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe