4 Reasons Black Friday is Bad for Business

We have all heard the stories of those terrible customer experiences on Black Friday – where droves of customers line up the night before only for someone to possibly get injured in stampede.   So why is it so appealing for companies to throw away all their customer-centric values for this one day of madness? It

Should You Hop on the Live Chat Train?

It’s no secret that customers are infamous for being impatient and demanding, as they have every right to be – when they are paying over their hard earned salaries in exchange for your services.   This means, that in order for them to select your service every time, you cannot afford to keep them waiting

3 Ways to Thank Your Customers this Thanksgiving

Nothing speaks great customer service more than a smile and a thank you, and now is the perfect time to show off your hospitality.   Halloween is officially over, your candy stash is running low, and the next holiday is ready to take center stage. YUP, Turkey day is just around the corner, and that

How Customers Responded To Samsung’s Apology Over Samsung Note 7

Samsung has had an explosive year, when it comes to Samsung Note7, at least, and not the good kind. But how will it end?   The mobile giant is still reeling from a tremendous backlash over their handling of the once promising Samsung Galaxy Note 7. And customers took social media to give the mobile

A Better Self-Service Strategy – Solving the Emotional Intelligence Gap

Self-service is emotionally stupid and it might be hurting your business.   If you’re unsure how emotions play into a customer’s experience consider this example: Picture yourself in a specialty running shoe store. You might be able to discern that you want shoes with or without cleats and you’ll probably have a brand or two

Best Loyalty Programs of the Month – October Halloween Special

  It’s not just your neighbors giving out candy this Halloween, your favorite restaurants and companies are passing out the treats this month. Chipotle might be the first company that comes to mind when thinking about giveaways this Halloween, but other companies are taking note! Establishments are realizing that these programs are really creating a spirited experience

BOO! How to Trick or Treat Your Customers (Service Edition)

Trick or Treat! In the spirit of all things Halloween, lets take a look at some of the ways companies trick their customers and spook them away, and some of the ways they are treating their customers to come back for more.    Tricks:   Please Hold for the Next Available Rep! Nothing haunts a