The Customer Service Must-Reads from July 2016

This month, we had some incredible customer service articles come our way. The articles covered a range of topics that are generally overlooked: the power of chatbots and AI for your support teams, the important distinction between customer service and experience, and a daring story about a customer service employee that went above and beyond

What You Can Learn from Disney about Acing the Transition to Digital Customer Service

For decades, people have traveled to Disney World to escape reality for a few days. Once you first enter the front gates of the Magic Kingdom, you’ve stepped into a world of wonder and joy. Suffice it to say that Disney doesn’t need to implement big changes to improve its theme-park experience – there honestly

How Apple Successfully Leveraged Customer Complains about Their Music Service

In our day and age, when every person with a keyboard and an internet connection can lift up or take down a business, companies must be present on social media, and properly address customers complaints. Apple’s recent changes to its music service, following customers complaints, not only led to an improvement of its product, but

Richard Branson Reveals His Customer Care Secrets

Customer service makes all the difference when it comes to business. Whether it’s the aviation or restaurant industry – every business has competitors in their respective markets.  The best way to gain an advantage over your competition is to provide excellent, around-the-clock customer service.  A happy customer is a retained customer. A retained customer is