#Custserv News You don’t want to Miss!

This week has been a busy week for the #custserv world. I have found the 5 top news that you cant afford to miss this week! The retail sector was looked at closely this week!  Mary Portas – Secret Shopper – Are You Being Served? is a show that looks into the state of Customer Services

Top 3 Customer Service Help Desk Software

  Professional customer service has become a very important concern for every business company today. Most business organizations today, have their official websites online and they’re providing services to the users through those platforms. Providing customer service online requires high quality software support and dedicated customer service professionals ready to help the customers. Some talented

The benefits of using web based customer service

There can be potential rewards in case the web based customer service is effective enough. This can be achieved by using the right practices and tools. The right basic attributes can make a web based customer service work.This kind of customer service is able to attend to customers and deal with their needs in a

Top 3 Free Customer Service Software Available

When it comes to free customer service software and help desks, the future is in the cloud. Gone are the days of on-premise customer service software where you need to buy a license, download the software, install it on your servers, and form a team to maintain and manage it. That was expensive, time-consuming, and

4 #custserv news you cant afford to miss

This week has been a busy week for the #custserv world I have found the 4 top news that you cant afford to miss this week! 2012 has been quite a year and our friends at SMH have listed the worst customer service experiences of the week Read more Travolution had a great Guest post

How to Make Your Support Tool Look and Feel Sexy on Your Website

By Ariel Harkham, Business Development Director at WalkMe Whether it is to purchase the latest shoes at the lowest price or manage projects with far better efficiency, the internet has rewarded us with powerful tools for getting things done. It has become the place to go to rely on ultimate task management.  However, often enough,