The Top Three Online Customer Support Software

It has been commonly said that, “every unhappy client will go and tell seven other people about the poor services that they have gotten, and those seven will tell seven others and so on and so forth.” While this may not seem like a lot at the beginning, those numbers will eventually add up and

4 Fundamental Aspects of a Great Customer Service Philosophy

Excellent customer service is not a jigsaw puzzle and neither is it a special department. Customer service philosophy is what every business should practice, no matter how big or small it is. Customer service can be further broken down into four basic components. Whilst volumes of books are actually written about excellent service, these 4

What Is Customer Loyalty And Retention

It takes a lot of skills to be a customer service representative, call center agent, or a sales and marketing agent. You have to ensure that everything you do will translate to the full satisfaction of the customer from the quality of service you give down to the tricks on how you sell the product

How to Improve Your Customer Service Skills and Improve Profit Margins

How to improve customer service skills to enhance your organization’s profitability can be a haunting subject especially if you have established that your weakness lies in the way you handle your existing and potential customers. You can find the solution to customer related service problems by looking at situations from clients’ stand point of view.

Cyber Monday – 4 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

Its coming whether we like it or not!  Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, and perhaps the day everyone gets their Christmas shopping in is fast approaching! Good customer service is the last thing people care about as long as they get a good deal in the first place. While some

The top 5 online customer service software

For today’s highly conscious consumer, reliable customer care is an expected part of the product they pay for. As a result this list of the top 5 online customer service software services is an indispensable asset for businesses at all levels of operation. Apart from providing a clear picture of the customer’s perception to your