You Might Expect Better – Guest Post by Fred Zimny

Let us define the starting era of CRM as of the mid nineties, after sales force automation and database marketing became mainstream. Nowadays CRM is big business. Gartner projected circa 13 billion dollar sales for CRM in 2012. In 2017, the market will be about 22 billion dollar, according to the research firm Trefis. Customer Relationship Management should be about managing the

The Evolution of First call Resolution

I’m sure the first call from any customer wasn’t intended to last too long, or need a second call for the issue to be resolved!  but it happens! So what did it take for the customer service world to understand that all it takes is self service in order to the first call to be the only call the

4 Steps to Improving First Call Resolution

One thing you can guarantee is that you need to answer your customer calls.  It’s the basis of customer service.  The first call is the most important and if you can resolve the issue in the first call, you are on to a good start. Let’s explore First contact resolution. The First Time. How much

Customer Service and Support – Make Things Easier for Everyone

Booking a flights online, paying the electricity bill and everything else that enables us to live and survive is online these days . Everybody needs to use websites that demand some sort of usability. Its not just businesses who use technology, but the customers too. No matter how internet smart the customers become, it can

What are the average ‘Average hold times’ (AHT) for Contact Centers?

Let’s look at this from the customers prospective.  Customers don’t want to wait at all!  They want to pick up the phone, dial, and have someone answer, just as though they were calling their great Aunt in Florida!  They require instant gratification from the initial call and from their problems. We know this isn’t possible,

4 Ways you can Encourage Self Service Adoption for your Customers

  Customers need help! They can’t help it, they just do!  And customer service representatives have to help them!  Why? Because they are paying for a service and product the company provides. So how does one avoid the pain of customers asking ‘How to’ questions, and having them get the help they need to get