Funny Cartoon with a Serious Message: Don’t Leave Your Customer High And Dry

Although this may seem like just another funny cartoon, unfortunately this is all too familiar a situation for most of us. When we call customer service and we’re put on hold again and again, we really do feel like it’ll never end. That being said, with so many new ways to provide an enhanced and

20 Customer Service Influencers You HAVE To Follow On Twitter

There are so many ways you can learn about customer service. From news articles, to the radio, to TV shows, the possibilities are endless. But what is the best way to find out what is most important to focus on in customer service? That is where our friends on Twitter come in. By following any

8 Customer Service Articles You Can’t Miss

This month we had some incredible customer service articles covering a wide scope of issues, some are trending, others are often being looked over: The use of social media as a tool for customer service and support, the important distinction between customer service and experience and the power of verbal and non-verbal communication within the

How to Maximize Your ROI on Online Support Software

Compared to the typical overhead costs which go into running a business which CRM or other online support software your company will implement may seem to come at a nominal cost. A symptom of being such a small expense is that the potential company-wide unifying effect this software can have is often overlooked. The return

Captivating LinkedIn Discussion Customer Service Experts Need to Read

In this recent fascinating LinkedIn discussion found in the “Customer Service Champions” group, Shaun Belding asks what people think the most common mistake made in customer service is. I think this is a very thought-provoking topic. Those who took part in the discussion had a variety of opinions about what is considered a more common

Top 11 Must Reads in Customer Service This Week

This week we’ve seen some pretty fantastic customer service articles. In fact, there were so many I had to include more articles than usual in my weekly roundup! From utilizing the customer feedback system to its maximum potential and making it worth it for customers to provide their honest feedback, to improving your online customer