Remote Customer Support Systems are Getting Better Every Day

Did you know that remote customer support system concepts are not only very feasible in modern times, but they may completely reshape the way customer support and service are handled in the near future? I know this sounds crazy, but we’re about to see a huge change in how customer handling works, and this is way bigger than proposed social media or very limited self service integration. This is huge.

In the future, remote customer support system concepts will create a different kind of work force, and a different kind of support, and the world will be a far better place for all, as a result of this. So, what do I mean by this pretentiousness? Well, let’s see.

First, let’s understand what remote customer support systems actually are. There are two meanings and two definitions for this term. One is remotely accessed CRM and administrative interfaces which customer support professionals can log into from any device, anywhere. This has been viable for a long time, but it has become notable more robust in recent years, as well.

The other is a system which allows a remote agent to view and interact with the desktop or screen of a device and directly diagnose and correct problems on a user’s machine. This is not new either, though until recently, it was generally awful. Programs like TightVNC and TeamViewer have provided this kind of service for a long time.

They’ve gotten better, and latencies are getting down to thousandths of seconds (milliseconds), which means it’s no longer nearly so awkward to handle. So, how are these two concepts going to change the face of customer support forever?

Well, call centers no longer need to exist, due to the access anywhere model of the first definition. This means that freelance per-call-paid support workers can become a big online workforce in the future. They can access the software from anywhere, be it the mall, the restaurant or home, and help people. It’s affordable and scales to the need for customer support at a given time.

The remote interface system works directly with this to encourage it. With the ability to remotely interact with the user’s machine the way they see it, these agents can quickly solve problems without the rigmarole of asking questions over the phone. Resolution is faster, more efficient and the company saves money on a dynamic call center that works. Of course, this is also compatible with self service moderation, social media, help desks and other systems easily as well.

This new, dynamic and not-bogged-down call center that is cowdsourced and affordable will be the new way this is handled for centuries to come, on wager. We may as well get on board the bandwagon now, while the concept is new and innovative. Soon, providing this will just be providing what everyone standardly provides, and its competitive edge will be lost for all time.

If remote customer support system software, and the freelance model for customer support/service sounds like something you’d like to try with your company, then be a pioneer, and make a case study of it so all may see how well this concept works off paper.

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe