Launches Service Cloud Mobile With in-app Customer Service, Co-Browsing and Chat launched a Cloud Mobile service. The company is looking to become an authority in this sector by creating a mobile chat platform, an in-line game apps support and a co-browsing capability for mobile devices. The mobile agents also get access to a feature that allows them to give their customers personalized services that support internal connections and also get to give them answers to questions regarding the same through a stream sequence that is lightweight. All these newly invented features are a part of Salesforce’s newly launched Service Cloud. The executives of the company call this a “double down” of the mobile services for the year 2013.

The co-browsing feature was followed by an acquisition made with Golnstant last fall. This goes a long way to provide practically simple ways for subscribed agents to share browser information with their customers. The agent can easily give the customer a grand tour of a site whether for support or as a guide to use the same site. This interactive platform is revolutionary when it comes to boosting customer oriented services and streamlining of services given online.

The idea of a shared experience gives the customer the ability to use a mobile application and still get help while on it. This means that the customer will not have to exit the application to ask questions about it. There is a chat box that pops ups in the application allowing the customer to talk to the agent and get a guide through the application while using it. has used this support system with Activision game applications where the players can chat with other players and get help without having to exit the application. The application also comes in in handy in banking among other major services where the customer can share the application with the supporting agent without having to shut down the application. The bank agent can guide the customer through the site and give them the required assistance to get things done.

The executives in cited to TechCrunch that customer care had dropped exponentially. Manufacturers are busy making more products but offering very little help to their clients leading to low sales and sustenance. 1.8 million smartphones will be in existence by the year 2014, according to research firm Gartner, meaning a rise of a whole different type of service will arise. The fact that people cannot interact with the agents makes it difficult to purchase apps they may not be able to sue without support. The need, however, creates a new generation of customer care needs where people will be able to get all the help they need through their mobile phone devices. As time goes by, desktops are getting wiped out as everything else becomes accessible through the mobile phones. is in the lead to provide new generation of customer care services looking to connect the client and the customers on a real time basis for immediate help and feedback.

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