You HAVE to see how ASOS responded to this customer’s complaint

British DJ Jay Whalley sent in an exchange for a blazer to fashion retailer ASOS, yet when he did not receive a response or his blazer, he did what any good customer would do. Write an Eminem inspired message to customer service.


The Facebook message Whalley wrote follows a similar flow and pattern to a popular Eminem song, Stan. Minutes later ASOS customer service agent Rianna (not to be confused with the singer Rihanna) responded in turn, matching the customer’s creative message, with a creative response.



Whalley told CNN that “Gratitude and creativity is the way forward no matter how small the matter is. I was mindful that there would be another person on the other end and that you should treat others how you wish to be treated,” he said. “Being a better customer will get you better customer service!”

This story certainly burst a bubble for those who recently claimed ASOS’ Facebook page is run by bots. After gaining a reputation of a company with an awful online customer service, ASOS now showed they are THE BEST.

The Huffington Post quoted one customer as saying that ASOS’s response was: “simply the greatest thing I’ve possibly ever read,” and I don’t disagree. True, not all customers are as patient and with a sense of humor as Jay Whalley, but it takes one customer like him and one clever social media manager to gain customer loyalty and free publicity, thus turning a complaint into some great customer service branding.

Moreover, ASOS proved us all, once again, the importance of using social media for customer service. ASOS showed that they’re attentive and that they pay attention to customer feedback. It’s now very clear that they have also jumped on the customer-centric bandwagon.


Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.