September Success Stories: Tips from Customer Service Experts

People who have established expertise in particular areas are able to think efficiently about solving problems in those areas. Because experts have gained broad knowledge in these areas it is a great opportunity when they are willing to share it.

In this list of top monthly articles on customer service , every author is considered an expert in his field, from small businesses to large enterprises this list has it all. This is your chance to uncover some of the secrets that lead to great customer success.

Business Viewpoint With Melanie Hasty-Grant: Use Customer Service to Connect With People

Picture this, you enter your doctor’s waiting room, a red carpet leads you through the door and you are greeted with a welcome sign with your name on it. The drink you asked for is served on a silver platter and a smile. It is customer service like this that creates a bond between businesses and people. Learn about the guiding principles and right attitude to provide the “wow” factor of customer service. Author, Melanie Hasty-Grant, is experienced in providing customer service on a very personal level. As a family wealth manager, she has a role which requires full trust between the customer and the service provider.

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Delivering More Than Customer Service With The Cloud

Intelligent Engagement is all about providing a service that makes customers so satisfied they continue to buy new products from and market the company on their own will.  Des Cahill, Oracle VP and head CX evangelist, provides examples that explain the concept of a one-stop-shop of both service and sales.

4 Techniques to Build and Improve B2B Customer Support Teams

Robert C. Johnson is the CEO of, a cloud based B2B customer support software platform. In this article he shares professional tips on methods to deliver the best service in the business to business market. The article details the importance of both multiple service points for the customer and internal training of support agents for customer service excellence.

Experts Give Top Tips for Improving Customer Support

Claire Carroll, head of customer services at the Co-op Group, hosted a webinar detailing the different actions they took as a company to achieve this success. Carroll gives tips to skyrocket your service level by really connecting with your consumer; personalization, consistency, and innovation (just to name a few.) Read more to discover how to take your customer service to a new level of excellence.


The Secret Of Improving Customer Service Is To Start Improving Your Customer Service

I know that reads a little funny, but author Micah is a veteran author on topics such as customer service, customer experience and customer trends. The title of his article explains the concept of building customer service from the ground up, and goes over the important building blocks that can lead to a sustainable result.

Online Reviews & Customer Service—A Matter of Perspective

Have you ever heard of the “Upfront Contract?” This contract is about setting the right expectations with customers about the customer service agreements from start to finish, then sticking to those expectations no matter what. It is one of the core principles of good customer service. This sage advice is explained in the article by Lou Altman, CEO and Lead Trainer at Next Level Customer Service Firm.

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Ten Rookie Customer Service Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Shep Hyken is an expert and bestselling author on everything customer service. During his career he witnessed businesses building their customer service teams and policies, noticing the  ten most common mistakes made. You can learn a lot from customer service success, but you can also learn from failure. Taking that information to avoid these missteps in your customer service platforms.

3 Customer Service Podcasts You Should Check Out

In our day and age, customer service is a great field of interest, with a wide variety of topics to be explored. Perhaps the most important of them all is the concept of modern customer service; with an emphasis of digital self-service. You see, the world of customer service has been undergoing some major changes recently, and those who are not keeping up with these new techniques will fall behind the curve.

Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.