Prioritize Your Customer Experience for Your Customers

The customer experience is the most pivotal aspect of any business. However, this school of thought does not entirely resonate with many organizations.  Companies are too busy selling their products and services; in the process, they fail to address the matter that is the customer experience. Largely, organizations have not changed the old rules of

Aberdeen Group Publishes New Research: Customer Experience is Changing

A new press release has found some research that proves a little what i have been preaching for a while. That there are links between customer service and marketing, social customer care. The research was based on two webinars that were conducted   One focuses on the social customer service practices and one on getting customer

Why Customer Experience Has to Be Taken Seriously

Customer experience is what builds trust, advocates brand loyalty, and ensures long term customer retention. Most companies, sadly, don’t focus on Customer experience. Therefore, it’s no wonder their customers don’t build loyalty… and leave. The customer experience is vital to the development process of a company. The effects of not focusing on the customer experience

A Leading Bank Adopts IBM to Transform Customer Experience

Innovation and technology are always the things that catch my eye, when checking the web every morning, and when major enterprises and corporations do just that, to improve the customers experience, that makes me smile. I came across a news announcement that a major bank in the Middle East (Jordan Ahli Bank) has decided to

3 Rules for Great Customer Experience

We’ve talked a lot about how important it is to ensure a great customer experience in business. Considering business is entirely about the customer experience, and how inclusive of tons of subtopics the customer experience inherently is, it seems we’re never going to stop talking about this in the near future. Why? Because it’s important, and

Obsessed with the Metrics or the Customer Experience?

  By Melissa Kovacevic, Principal Consultant Customer Experience & Contact Center Consulting Several years ago, I walked into the office of a Contact Center Manager to review some information with him.  We moved my chair around to his monitor view side of the desk so he could show me some information on his desktop.  As I