This Week’s Best in Customer Service

Amazing Customer Service for Non-Profits Non-profit organizations fully rely on volunteers and well-wishers for support. That being the case, it is imperative that such an organization has exemplary customer service. Jeremy Kmet suggests some tips on how to go about this. How to Maximize Your Customer Service Productivity As a company grows exponentially, it gets

The Best in Customer Service

#1- Too Many Customers And Now Enough Customer Support Agents In this article, Noreen Seebacher emphasizes on understanding the importance of customer service and how customer relationships can be affected if the number of customer support agents is too low. Customer service has dropped significantly during 2013. The hospitality and tourism industries have been hit

2013: The Year of Review for Customer Service

2013 was a great year for customer service and companies really focused in on connecting with their customers and providing a boost in their service level. This is important because customers rely on the company to provide services that reflect great and responsive service. Below are some of the things that really took flight in