Customer Service Top News – Don’t Miss Out!

This week has been enjoyable.  Lots of interesting topics have come up including many discussions about secrets of success via the channels of support.  My favourite being social media. First up this week, we have a great article from HBR Labs.  They explore innovative customer service which means being able to contact a company on multiple

Cut the Cost of Customer Service in 7 Simple Steps

Customer service is very critical to the survival of any business given that it’s the best way to ensure customer satisfaction. Basically, it is a corporate crime to ignore your customer contact center as it might drive away your potential customers and hence hurting your bottom line in the long run. Unfortunately, the current global

Social Makes Customer Service More Important than Ever

Currently, social networks significantly transform customer service. They fundamentally change the manner, place and persons to which customers use for help. At the same time, they present significant challenges and major opportunities for companies that want to succeed in their business niche. If you do it right, your clients will not only continue to make