9 Oscar Worthy Funny Customer Support Videos

Excited for the 2016 Academy Awards? Well, get ready for our own acknowledgeable list of funny customer support videos. From hilarious and outrageous customers and customer service agents, to some helpful tips on how to deal with dissatisfied customers, these ten videos truly are Oscar worthy. Enjoy! 1. Dealing with Angry Customers This video gives some helpful

Best of Customer Service

1. Why Customer Obsessed Amazon is Our Most Important Business Force Amazon.com has really transformed the experience of the customer in many ways. They’ve given their customers a simplified and stress-free shopping experience. Learn what you can borrow from Amazon from Paul Greenber’s article. 2. 6 Examples of Video in the Contact Centre Video customer service has

Unique Challenges for Online Food shopping Customer Support

Customer support is something that has been around since the beginning of business. Without customers, there would be no product to sell, and that’s why there is an important dynamic regarding how companies approach customer service. This began with simple pamphlets and manuals, but evolved into something bigger with the invention of telephones. After customers

The Challenges of Providing Customer Support in the Travel Industry

Since the beginning of customer service, there has been a steady progression on how companies strive to give their customers the best support possible. This started with providing manuals on how to use specific features, then moved on to include customer service numbers that can be called for support. Now, the travel industry sees another

The Evolution of Instant Gratification in Customer Support

We always grew up on the premise that the customer is always right (even if it wasn’t always the case) and that customer support exists to satisfy the customer’s need for instant gratification. Even the term ‘Instant Gratification’ has evolved through the decades. Customers are no longer waiting for their friend to write a letter

Simplicity And Consistency For Great Customer Experience

By Melissa Kovacevic, Principal Consultant Customer Experience & Contact Center Consulting   I recently facilitated an Employee Feedback meeting for a client.  Our discussion focused on employee observations related to Customer Experience.  The feedback group included contact center agents, retail store employees and technicians.  When I asked them if customers were receiving the best quality

You Might Expect Better – Guest Post by Fred Zimny

Let us define the starting era of CRM as of the mid nineties, after sales force automation and database marketing became mainstream. Nowadays CRM is big business. Gartner projected circa 13 billion dollar sales for CRM in 2012. In 2017, the market will be about 22 billion dollar, according to the research firm Trefis. Customer Relationship Management should be about managing the