How Affiliate Marketing Thrives Off Great Customer Service

Affiliate Marketing is A process that allows an individual or company to advertise a product of another person or company, and earn a commission.   I recently had the opportunity to speak with Laura James, Publisher Development Manager at Commission Junction – CJ Media.  I wanted to speak to her, because coming from the online

4 Fundamental Aspects of a Great Customer Service Philosophy

Excellent customer service is not a jigsaw puzzle and neither is it a special department. Customer service philosophy is what every business should practice, no matter how big or small it is. Customer service can be further broken down into four basic components. Whilst volumes of books are actually written about excellent service, these 4

How Social Media Users are Expecting Great Customer Service

Social media has changed the way consumers act, think and the way they interact with companies. The Customers contact is measuring customer satisfaction and that’s the ultimate goal, and nowhere do people speak more truth than on social media platforms.  There’s a lot more pressure to respond to customer complaints.  This is because they are