The Best Customer Service News from the Week!

This weeks news round up has a heavy focus on great news!  OK, every week I show y0u the best news from the week so this week isn’t any different!  Many are talking about the benefits of social media in customer service and some companies are using new apps such as Vine to answer customers concerns.  I say very innovative and clever.

First up, we have a great from Yahoo News.  Many companies are successfully using customer service self-service options to win customers and improve the customer service experience.

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Honda have started using Vine in a very clever way, that put a smile on my face!   The ad campaign is showing their versatility and that they are young and hip.  It also shows that they are very aware of their social customer service practices.

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A great piece that helps you to understand why your customer prefer Live Chat and other self service tools.   Consumers expect buying and service online to be quick and efficient, and increasingly organisations are recognising the importance of using web self-service to help customers find information on their products and services 24/7.

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Localisation Vs. GLobalisation when it comes to customer service.  Peer-to-peer housing marketplace Airbnb has reorganized its international team in an effort to improve its customer support and boost the number of local options available to visitors traveling overseas.

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Last but not least, have you checked what you need in order to have great customer service?  When you launch an online customer support community, it doesn’t always mean that you have created a customer experience where all  your customer issues are being handled by the community.  Once the community reaches critical mass, customers and partners in your online community will do their best to provide answers and insight to your customers.

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I hope you have a great weekend, and have enjoyed reading the top news from thew week!  Please feel free to share!


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