The Best in Customer Service

#1- Too Many Customers And Now Enough Customer Support Agents

In this article, Noreen Seebacher emphasizes on understanding the importance of customer service and how customer relationships can be affected if the number of customer support agents is too low. Customer service has dropped significantly during 2013. The hospitality and tourism industries have been hit the hardest by this tremendous drop by over 7 percentage points.

#2- You’ve Made A Sale – More Than Just A Sales Message 

Written by Sian on Jane’s Apple, this article is on several useful and targeted strategies to consider for improving customer service. Good product packaging, a human touch in sales and a personal connection to the buyer following the purchase are three aspects of utmost importance when it comes to customer service. Also, consistency plays a pivotal role in the business industry as well, especially for start-up entrepreneurs who want to build a solid customer base.

#3- Communication Can Change Lives

Communication is key for improving customer service. It is important for business owners to worry less about sales and more about customer service, to treat everyone with respect regardless of status and to turn negative attitudes into positive attitudes. Everything starts with the correct mindset and with a well-timed compliment that can improve your customer’s day.

#4- How You Must Not Use Twitter For Improving Customer Service

Written by Lauren Riley, this article is on how Twitter can make or break your customer service. Social media can boost sales and improve customer experience but, on the other hand, it can also wreak havoc on the reputation of a brand if customers are not satisfied by the customer service and they start to tweet about it. Good customer service is all about managing complaints and negative feedback posted on Twitter in a professional, respectful and diplomatic manner.

#5- Self-service – FAQs and Forums On European Online Shops 

And here’s one from our blog- Katy Phillips writes about how self-service can improve customer service and reduce overall workload. Statistically speaking, less than one consumer out of ten is actually satisfied with the customer service provided by a certain brand, and self-service can dramatically increase that number. France is the European leader in terms of self-service, as approximately 90% of the shops offer a FAQ section that benefits the consumer.


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