The Best of This Week’s News in Customer Engagement

This week’s best in Customer Engagement will help you better understand some of the critical ingredients in the creation of the best content, most competitive differentiators and even improvements to your call center.


1. Customer Engagement Strategies – Why Content Targeting is the Key

In this article by Alan Clark he outlines a four-step process he suggests in order to get your website’s content engagement strategy right in order to keep your customers engaged and interested in the long term.

2. Customer Service, CRM, Customer Experience — What’s the Difference?

In this article by John Goodman, you’ll find an insightful article on the key differences between CRM, Customer Service and CX. With a better understanding of the function of each, you’ll be able to create better and more streamlined customer interaction points.

3. The Secret Ingredient for Winning the Customer Service Battle in e-Commerce

This article by Michiel Gaasterland suggests some ways to optimize your customer service strategy in order to ensure that its designed to make things easier for your customers. If you’re working hard to build customer loyalty, this article will prove particularly interesting.

4. Six Ways that Digital customer Service Can Be A Competitive Differentiator

Adam Koffler’s article outlines some of the most important ways to enhance your customer service and customer care procedures. From a better structured website to social media improvements, Koffler’s article has quality information for organizations large or small.

5. Labor Day is the Time to Refocus your Call Center

This time of year is perfect to refocus on efforts to improve your call center and the handling of your knowledge delivery systems. I hope you’ll find this article helpful in reorganizing your call center and its efforts.



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