The Evolution of First call Resolution

I’m sure the first call from any customer wasn’t intended to last too long, or need a second call for the issue to be resolved!  but it happens!

So what did it take for the customer service world to understand that all it takes is self service in order to the first call to be the only call the customer makes?

Certainly the introduction of the web, and its many tools enabled support teams to relieve the stress of all the calls, and the cost connected to it.

The tools used these days include online chat support tools, video tutorials, and new products like WalkMe , who provide the GPS for the web.

The evolution primarily consists of technology having a heavy influence over customer services and support!  what did we do without it huh?  It seems that it was a lost cause before, and now is the revolutionary way of working!

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe