The Greatest Customer Service Reads

How Gamification Makes Customer Service Fun

Gamification is the right way to go. Read Sharon Florentine’s article to find out why gamifying your customer service could be the beginning of your success.

Support Teams: Stop Being Blinded by Faster Response Times

Is your CS team making the mistake of rushing your customers through the support process? Well, if you answered YES chances are that you’re leaving the majority of your customers dissatisfied, yet, you’re not even aware of it. Take a few minutes to read Gregory Ciotti’s article on the length of time you should be spending with your customers in the support system.

8 Fresh Customer Service Ideas Worth Stealing

There is always something new to learn about Customer Service. Pop in to find out what Shankar Ganesh has to share on KISS metrics blog. There are quite a couple of ideas that you can take to work with you.

5 Customer Service Lessons from Dr. Seuss

As the world prepares to celebrate the 110th birthday of Theodor Geisel (aka Dr Seuss), there is a lot of lessons that al off us can learn from him. The prolific author was best known for his important life lessons. Tricia Morris shares her 5 lessons of good customer service from Dr. Seuss’ life and career.

2 Dumbest Mistakes Smart Users Make in Self-Service

With self-service quickly becoming the order of the day, some companies are making some costly mistakes. With such mistakes, it’ll be hard for an organization to experience the real benefits of self-service. I wrote this article to caution smart users against committing some two sins of self-service.


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