The News You Cant Afford to Miss

Christmas was just upon us and everyone was in the Christmas spirit!  Even the Call centers and Customer service reps were teaching us new methods that they tried during the holiday season.  but its not all about Christmas at I Want it NOW.  I care about the customers all year round!

Social Media Today has highlighted the top 10 customer service secret methods that Santa uses.

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The new season of the Voice is coming to TV’s near you, and it seems we can learn a lot about Customer Experience from them!

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Everyone outsources something or another.  but can you improve your customer service without outsourcing?

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Christmas has come and go!  and now its time to start returning the goods we received as gifts (i know, not very nice huh).  how is Customer service handling the inflow?

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It’s all about expectations.  But why not expect the best?

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Hope you have a good week and a Sweet New Year!

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