The Primal Fear of Contacting Support

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Stellar customer service will help to combat bad customer service experiences. Therefore, creating an environment with the best customer support tools and premium services are two of the major keys to success in this area.

While some companies offer great customer support to the consumer’s that they service, other companies are well known for providing the basic minimum to everyone that calls. Minimum service is one of the main reasons why some people hate to contact a customer service area for questions and concerns that they have. These bad experiences can be attributed to a variety of different reasons. Three of which are listed below.

Rude and Disconnected Customer Service Representatives: Our product database is down right now, can you call us back tomorrow?

Lack of Training: I do not know the answer to that question because I have not had my training.

Placed on hold too Long: Ma’am, Ma’am….that’s really not problem. Hold on…

Combating the Problem with Innovative Customer Support Platforms

To correct these and other bad customer service experiences, companies that want to offer stellar services should seek for different ways to combat the problems.
According to Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern, many times, new and innovative customer support platforms, built from the ground can help with turning around a bad support area quickly. Instead of allowing these problems to persists and filter thru to all communication channels like Twitter, Facebook, web chat, email, telephone and other areas, Every company should create a well-trained and informed unified platform, which will allow the customer support representatives to obtain a 360-degree
view of their customer and their requests. This strategy can be accomplished by updating the customer support technology that is being used today, since the technology is the mainstay of virtually every industry.

Combating the Problem By Getting Rid of Previous Companies Bad Experiences
Additionally, according to Nathan Mcbride, from Absolute Automation, these problems are usually caused by previous companies that have provided bad customer support experiences. These are the companies that focus all of their efforts on selling their products instead of providing quality customer support services. Therefore, to turn these concerns around, companies that want to solve their problems must focus their efforts on developing a knowledgeable customer support staff. For instance, the company should invest in developing a customer support staff that can respond to questions and concerns about the company’s products and services quickly.

In addition to offering a quick and sufficient response, every staff member must also provide his or her services with a pleasant and professional demeanor. All of these things can be accomplished by creating an in-house call center environment, where both the customer support center employees and the sales teams are located on the same floor or in the same building. The customer services offered will include a wide variety of different types of communication channels including a live chat program that is available on the company’s website. Which means, the customer will have direct access to the technical support team on a 24/7 basis.


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