The Problem With Automated Customer Service

Automated customer service becomes very popular today. You can find a lot of companies that use this system for greeting all customers. There are many business owners who want to use this automatic system. Most of them believe that this system is very useful to serve all customers properly.

However, you should understand that this automatic system is not the best way to serve your customers. You can find some problems that may be associated with this system. There are some disadvantages that can be caused by this automatic customer service.

Here are some potential problems that can be caused by this system 

1. It is not able to answer any questions accurately

This is another disadvantage that people can have from this automatic system. This system cannot answer all questions from the customers automatically. When the customers have some specific questions, they still have to wait for the customer representatives to answer their questions. Because of that reason, this system is not efficient for serving customers in the long run. Most customers complain that they are not able to get accurate answers when they have to talk with this automatic system. If you want to give accurate customer service to your customers, you should avoid using this automated customer service.

2. This technology can malfunction

This automatic system works based on the technology. It means that the technology may malfunction at anytime. Therefore, you cannot rely on the performance of this system. When the system is not working properly, you sacrifice your customer service. Your customers are not able to get access to the customer service when this technology is down. Therefore, you have to prepare some emergency solutions for solving this problem. You have to prepare some alternatives that you can use to serve your customers when this technology lose its functions.

3. Can confuse all customers

Many experts recommend all business owners to stop their automatic customer service system. In most cases, this system can confuse all customers. This system has several options that all customers can choose. The system is going to answer any questions based on all chosen options. Most customers claim that they confuse with the system. When your customers are confused with your system, they tend to stay away from your business in the future. You can lose your customers when they are confused about your products or services. Most customers usually need to work with a company that has simple customer service.

They are some disadvantages that you can get from this automatic system. Therefore, you have to avoid using this system in your company. You should have some customer service team members who are ready to answer any questions from your customers. Manual customer service is believed to be more effective and efficient than the automatic system.

However, you need to train your customer representatives, so they can serve all customers properly. Having a good customer service is very important to improve your business performance effectively. Make sure that you remove all automated customer service systems from your company today.


Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.