The Pros and Cons of Interactive Voice Response

As customer service professionals, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

What is Interactive Voice Response?

IVR is a kind of technological advancement which usually allows a computer to interact with human beings via the use of DTMF and voice tones imputed through the keypad. In telecommunication, IVR normally allows consumers to interact with a firm’s host system through speech recognition or a telephone keypad, after which they can be in a position to service their personal inquiries by following the Interactive Voice Response dialogue.

In this global world we’re living, before you think of subscribing to any type of product r service, it’s always good that you ensure that you’re conversant with the merits and demerits that the product or service offers. IVR System are among the things that you can love due to the pros it offers or you can hate due to the cons it provides. Before discussing at the various cons it offers let’s first have a look at its pros.

Pros of Interactive Voice System

It Saves Time and Money

The work that IVR System does is equivalent to a task that can be handled by approximately five individuals. This means that if you are not making use of it you’ll be required to employee more people in your firm and this means additional cost in terms of salary.

When compared to human beings, this device has got the potential of using less time. Hence, be assured that once you’ve got IVR you’ll be able to save time and money.

IVR Doesn’t Take Lunch Breaks, Sick Days or Vacation

Despite the device saving you time and money, it has no off days. Unlike using human manpower, this device will serve you 24/7 for 365 days none stop. Human beings will always need breaks so that they can rest or go for vacations. Therefore, it’s important that you opt for this device if you want to increase the productivity in your firm.

IVR Makes a Small Firm Seem Bigger

The notion that only large firms can be able to afford IVR systems often still exist, even though the cost of owning once have been significantly lowered. You can intentionally use this device to give your home based business a more professional feel by adding several menu options for different departments which are leading to separate mail boxes.

Other Benefits

  • It eliminates human errors such as transferring calls to the wrong departments.
  • It makes consumers feel as though somebody is attending to their different needs.

Cons of Interactive Voice System

Can Be Used for the Wrong in the Wrong Ways

For instance, if a consumer made the effort of picking up the phone and enquire about a commodity, they’ll expect to speak to a human consultant at some point.

IVR has menus which are too difficult or long to understand

Last but not the least; despite having pros and cons of Interactive Voice Response system, the pros outweigh them. Ensure that you make use of this device in order to experience its effectiveness. Thank you.


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