The Top 10 Customer Onboarding Tools

All businesses face this common hurdle; acquiring new customers. No business wants to remain the way it is, they want to acquire more customer so that their business can grow. To this effect, there are tools and technologies that are coming up to help businesses measure customer signup rates.

Onboarding helps to educate and guide users through the features found on your application or website or both.

If businesses can effectively onboard users, it will translate into an improved customer experience, increased revenue and lower costs will be incurred in support.

In this article, we are going to look at top 10 tools you can use as a business to onboard users.


WalkMe is commonly used to assist the onboarding process, and for new software adoption among customers and internal users. It also helps to accelerate the competence and help employees to work while they learn; ensuring no time or productivity is lost, and keeping the training live and intuitive.

WalkMe offers guidance step-by-step on screen at the moment of need, assisting employees to perform the most complex and the most important tasks. WalkMe’s training and onboarding brings measurable, tangible and long lasting results.



Evergage is a web personalized and user engagement solution that works in real time. It offers you the ability to capture how visitors behave and you can use it to respond to them and increase engagement and conversation rates.

Evergage enables you to track the actions of your website visitors and helps you to understand their intentions and requirements. Knowing this, you can instantly connect to them. The messages that you can send to various visitors can be determined by Evergage. It is also an easy and fast system to implement and it helps you to promote your demos by walking new users through it. Generally, Evergage informs users, tracks their behavior and utilization and helps send valuable insight.


Intercom is a technique that opens an opportunity to get to know your customers better. It helps you learn about them beyond their past purchases, their email address, and name. It shows your customer’s details and informs you on their exact intention with your product. This information enables you to communicate with them on real time email and in app messages. It means that by using Intercom, you make informed decisions from the feedback you get in appropriate time. It offers you the ability to make personalized responses to customers and give timely support. This helps to convert new users into active members. Also, this is a great opportunity to share best practices with visitors based on their behavior.

Do you know where your potential customers are? You do not need to continue guessing on social media and other marketing strategies with an effort to reach your customers. helps you determine how effective and valuable your communities are in helping you onboard. It helps you to easily know how your community interacts and react.


Userfox is meant to provide backup with well-written and well-timed emails to eliminate the long gone and forgotten email marketing strategy. Userfox enables you as a business to build customer onboarding emails that effectively explain the products you have to your potential customers and trial users resulting into fewer support emails, lower churn and more trail conversions.


Autosend assists you in sending automated text, emails, and push messages to your customers based on their activity within your website or mobile application. So, if you see a user’s is likely to drop off after not interactive with your product, you can send an email prompting them to take the action you would like them to take.


For you to be able to successfully onboard a new user, you have to know them well. Kissmetrics is a tried and true technique of getting the real interactions between your websites and its visitors. Kissmetrics is not just a basic averaging tool, it can help to inform the behavior of your customers before actually becoming customers and what they will do after you deal is closed. This makes the onboarding process more improved and easy. is an assistant tool for Kissmetrics. Since Kissmetrics is relatively hard to get used to and has overwhelming work, courtesy of the tons of data from your customers, you can use to speed up the onboarding process by concentrating more on the new customers. You can have a custom form that is simply filled in by these new visitors and their feedback will be separated, making it easy to concentrate on it and improve onboarding.


Unbounce is a technique that helps to conduct A/B testing on created landing pages. One of the greatest ways to find out which button gets more clicks is by implementing the Unbounce technique. Will customers understand the meaning of an arrow indicating sign-up and use the sign-up option more, or does it work without an arrow? The only way to determine this is by using Unbounce.


Joyride essentially gives users a virtual tour of your website or app upon arrival.  You have the power to create your own tour which is easy to implement once you download the Joyride kit. You can customize how users interact with the tour by attaching your files and choosing your custom settings.

All in all, employing these techniques and implementing these onboarding tools will increase the likelihood that visitors to your website will convert to paying customers.

Some of this tools are Free, more outdated and harder to apply, like Joyride – and they will work for any aspiring startup that is short in cash, and some of them are rated as fastest growing platforms year over year, like WalkMe and Kissmnetrics, and suit enterprises and medium companies, but in 2015 it is clear that applying onboarding tools can drastically change the game for many companies.


Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.