The Top Customer Success Software That You Must Consider

What is customer success software all about? Before getting deeper into this subject, we will have to understand some basics. There is no denying the fact customer is king in spite of new and advanced technologies. This makes many companies find out ways and means to attract more numbers. Competition without any doubt is increasing quite steadily and even the most established and well entrenched companies are facing the heat. Therefore they are trying to find out ways and means by which they can gauge the customer success levels. In today’s highly advanced world, where the best of technology is available it is now possible to measure customer success with the help of software solutions. Over the next few lines we will try and find out ways and means by which using the best of software solutions one can measure levels of customer satisfaction and take necessary corrective steps.

Building A Start Up Doesn’t Need to Cost Thousands Of Dollars

Starting a new business and enabling it to reach a critical mass used to take thousands if not millions of dollars a few decades ago. However with software solutions being so advanced as they are today it is possible to start up new companies with a few thousands or even hundreds of dollars. As the company stumbles, makes mistakes and grows, its main aim is to retain customers at any cost. Here too it would be pertinent to mention that it is not all that expensive to find out more about customer behavior and take steps to improve the rate of customer success. The big lessons that small companies and big ones should learn is that it always makes sense to retain the existing customers and satisfy their needs instead of spending big dollars try to get new customers. While the latter is important the former is critical to say the least.

The Top Customer Success Software That You Must Consider

How Software Could Be Useful

Now that we know the importance of going in for the top customer success software let us understand more about the attributes of the same. First and foremost predicting customer behavior is not a speculation as many of us think but is a science. There are many software solutions available to prove this and Preact is one small company which is confident that if the science is applied properly it could help in customer retention too. It can be done quite successfully and it does not also cost thousands of dollars as it is made out to be.

Why Is Preact Considered One Of The Best

The one from Preact is considered by many to be the top customer success software that one should use is because it uses a very unique approach and it has started yielding the right results. They decided to get started with the automation process and based it in the cloud. They then went about using a very intelligent and well thought out blend of behavioral science, analyzing of data scientifically, and machine learning. The end results showed that when the software is used properly it will throw up some amazing results and conclusions. It will help the companies especially the start up ones to find out whether the customer will exit, renew, upgrade or churn. This is done based on their past behaviors. Once the conclusions are available the same will be shared with the business so that the respective steps could be taken. This is because of some well built in checks and balances. That is why the software is all about teaching the customer to preact rather than reacting. The software is integrated with the customers’ modes of communication, such as Gmail, Salesforce, Zendesk and Marketo. The moment a customer stops using a particular piece of the software, the business house will be notified so that necessary corrective action could be taken.

Why It Is Becoming Popular With Each Passing Day

The main reason why software solutions like Preact are becoming popular with each passing day is their ability to predict customer behavior well in advance through a series of steps and each of which have direct relation to what the customer is doing. Whether the customer is using brick and mortar outlets or using the online stores, there are foolproof ways and means by which the customer behavior can easily be tracked. The next important reason as to why this software is so very popular is because it is very cost effective. It is also highly customizable and there are even readymade solutions to suit specific needs and requirements. Hence it is something that is versatile and unique from various points of view.

How Preact Works On The Ground

One of the main objectives which make software solutions like Preact better than most others is that they eliminate guesswork and prevent beating around the bush. When we talk about customer success, we should include solutions that are end to end rather than offering something superficial. This is what solutions like Preact are all about. They handle everything on a holistic basis and cover the entire journey. The handle quite a few things including

Churn Management, Customer Journey, Marketing for the entire customer lifecycle, Industry Pulse, Trial Conversion, Tutorials and last but not the least user stories. Each of these subjects deal with various processes of customer evolution. From one time customer to a loyal customer the journey is quite big and there needs to be monitoring of each and every step very closely. Doing this physically would be extremely difficult and it here that software solutions like Preset have it in them. They are highly process oriented and as mentioned above there is no place for chances or ifs and buts.

Some Points To Bear In Mind

It has to be borne in mind that it is a time consuming process and results cannot be expected overnight. This is because a well thought out and result oriented customer success software result would take at least two to three years to throw out the right kind of results. Understanding customer behavioral pattern and that too in today’s complex sales and marketing systems should take time and only then would one be able to find out how big or small the impact would be. However, there would be situations where there could be early signals which in itself would qualify for some corrective steps. Such corrective steps would have been unthinkable in the absence of such software solutions. It has to be also kept in mind that for the results to throw out the right conclusion, the companies should have a minimum threshold limit of customers. This may not be possible to achieve within the first two or three years.

It Makes Life Easy For The Executives

Previously in the absence of such software solutions the account managers may have been spending hours looking up each of the customer accounts to find out more about their behavioral pattern. However, it has been found out that software solutions like Preact makes the job that much easier and reduces time and effort by around 20 to 25%. Hence it is not surprising to see that many venture capitalists are ready to put in their money in such software solutions which are here to stay.


It would not be out of place to mention here that this software is not just a software solution but goes much beyond it. It is an end-to-end business solution that goes a long way in offering companies and marketers a much better insight into customer behavior. It also suggests the steps that could be taken for corrective steps.

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