The Top News you Cant Afford to Miss!

So much has gone on this week and some of the main focuses have been on the customer experience and how marketing takes a lead role in Customer Service.

Business2Community explores the idea of marketing and customer service.  so my first share comes to you.

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Customer service managers aren’t perfect, and sometimes make mistakes.  that fine.  but you need to know how to fix them, in order not to hurt the business.

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Learn the 3 ways you can use CRM software to enhance your business.

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A great article that i really enjoyed and its about the idea that Social media can save customer service.

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Another great piece by Business2community.  What if you could change customer service in the world?

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Read about the Customer bill of rights, by expert Marsha Collier.

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Expert customer service guy Shep Hyken explores the idea of what makes a customer loyal?  The brand or the price?

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Hope you have enjoyed this weeks news round up!  You really cant afford to miss this top news!

Have a great week!


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