The Top Three Online Customer Support Software

It has been commonly said that, “every unhappy client will go and tell seven other people about the poor services that they have gotten, and those seven will tell seven others and so on and so forth.” While this may not seem like a lot at the beginning, those numbers will eventually add up and you will begin to feel the effect as more customers move to your competitors where they will get better services. You need to avoid this at all costs. With technology advancing at a very fast rate, you should take advantage of the customer care software available to ensure that you address your client’s queries and solve their problems. It is the only way to retain them.

Below is a description of the best 3 online customer support software available in the market today.

Idea Effect

The very essence of a software customer service is interaction with clients or to Engage. Idea effect meets these criteria. Even if it is relatively new, the software is holding its own among already established entrants. If you are looking for customer support software that is highly interactive and quite easy to master within a business setting, then this is it. The software will enable you to get private messages, general comments, and even ideas on how best you can improve your products and services. Additionally, you can get feedback from the customers using s voting tools and obtain the results via graphical reports. Other tools you can access include those used for email marketing to the appropriate market, SSL support as well as bug detection. If you are pressed for money, no need to worry! The prices for the software start at $19.00, which is an absolute bargain.


This particular software is time proven and very well established. It is quite popular among thousands of customers who sing its praises from the rooftops. With the internet usage moving away from home and office workstations and mote towards the mobile handheld devices, it is no wonder that ZenDesk has carved its niche within this market. You can benefit from this software, which has been adapted for use on mobile platforms including androids, iOS, and all other smart phones. You can also enjoy its API integrated services, as well as data portability and analytic tools, which will enable you to use the software without hassles. With a price range of $9-$45 per month per agent, this software is a bargain.

Tender Support

The faster you answer your clients’ queries the more likely they are to be loyal to your business. With Tender Support, your clients will get feedback almost as soon as they request it. You can use this customer support service to change the appearance and personality of your business website and even add a logo. Files can also be uploaded using this software. Your clients can also access forums, automated responses, automated logins, widgets, and informative website archives. With a price range of $19-$199, you can access a range of services based on what you can afford with a month-trail thrown in for good measure.

The above list of the best 3 online customer support software is by no means exhaustive. There is other good software available but these three are in a class of their own. You will be amazed at the difference they will make to your business.

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