The Week’s Best Articles in Customer Support

In this Week’s best in Customer Support addresses self-service, some key business tips for small businesses and even outlines a customer acquisition strategy.

1. How Better Customer Service Attracts and Retains Better Clients

In this article by Paul Jarvis, he defines exceptional customer service and the role of customer support. He takes us to the root of customer service and then defines a few key ways that we can improve our business’ service to attract and retain new and better clients.

2. 6 Advanced Small Business Tips to Improve Customer Service

In Drew Hendricks’ article he tackles 6 important tips for small businesses which will directly improve their customer service. From implementing the right technology to overcompensating for mistakes, you’ll find some great ideas for improving your customer service while honoring your core values.

3. Can Self-Service Support Improve Customer Satisfaction?

In this article by Ross Beard, he outlines the role of self-service in building better customer satisfaction. With changing expectations of customers and suggestions like community forums and knowledge base for self-support, Beard’s article does a great job outlining ways to meet the growing expectations of customer self-service.

4. 3 Keys to Successful Online Customer Support

In Larry Alton’s article he outlines 3 key ways to build a more successful customer support and build stronger customer relationships. He addresses the need for genuine and empathetic assistance throughout all interactions.

5. Creating a Killer Customer Acquisition Strategy

Finally in this article we take on the process of customer acquisition so that you can enhance your brand’s longevity. From creating a plan to creating the right demand and employing the right people, you’re sure to find a way to create a killer customer acquisition strategy.


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