The Week’s Best in Customer Service

 1. It’s Time to Put Service in Your Customer’s Hands

This article by Tricia Morris helps articulate some of the biggest changes in the area of mobile customer service and how you can work with these to provide exceptional customer service.

2. There’s Nothing Less Efficient than Providing Great Customer Service
Micah Solomon’s article on the “inefficiencies” of providing good customer service showcases some of the ways in which we are routinely trying to cutting back on our opportunities to connect with customers by trying to fit them into our ideals.

3. Being Mobile Friendly is a Key Part of Good Customer Service
With more and more customers using mobile technology to engage with businesses, it is no longer possible to ignore quality customer service that is also mobile friendly. Mahmood Mazhar’s article about mobile friendly initiatives is an essential glimpse into what is required to comply and excel in a mobile environment.

4. 4 Simple Steps to Content Marketing Success
Jeff Bullas offers up an article on simple ways to better understand product marketing cycle and the options you have in customer discovery tactics.

5. 5 Steps to Boost Customer Engagement & Support – Interview with All State Business Insurance President

This article is an interview with AllState Business Insurance president Mike Barton. Barton outlines the role of customer research and customer experience assessments in building trust and confidence and delivering outstanding support.


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