This Week in Customer Support

In this week’s best in Customer Support we look at some bad habits that cost you customers. We even look at canned messages and leverage their possibilities and opportunities.

1. 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Let Customer Service Tasks Become Overdue

In Larry Alton’s article, he outlines just why you should never let customer service tasks fall behind. From the disappointment of rushed interactions to the importance of brand loyalty, Alton’s article will help point out the true effects of overdue customer service.
2. 4 Customer Service Bad Habits to Banish Today

Heather McCloskey’s article challenges some of our well intentioned but failing customer service habits and how to ditch them fast.


3. Get the Most Out of Your Canned Messages

In this article by Kevin Gao, he helps us understand the limits and the possibilities of canned/scripted messages. We know they’re not the very best we can offer, but they are often necessary. Gao helps define the good and the bad in scripted messages in order to bring forth the best in canned customer service.

4. 4 Musts for Serious Customer Success in 2015

Bob Marsh’s article outlines the findings from Level/Eleven testing of their customer service strategy. The results of that survey are presented for you to incorporate in your own CS strategy this year.


5. Developing a Customer Centric Strategy

Finally in this article we help you build a customer-centric strategy that will help you focus your strategy in 2015. From understanding your customers to making the most of metrics, there is a lot to work with in order to build the best and most focused plan.


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