This Week’s Best Articles in Customer Support

#1 – Why the Zappos Way May Not Deliver Happiness to Your Company

Anita Bruzzese’s very interesting article about not necessarily rolling out the red carpet for every customer is critical and well written. This article explains just why the Zappos model may not benefit every business and why they could afford to be a little more choosy about just who gets that red carpet treatment. Challenging the idea that the customer is always worth the effort, this article gives a solid overview of why customer service is going to look different with each business.

#2 – Does your Customer Service style sabotage your Customer Experience?

Micah Solomon’s article about customer service is an important way to frames the CE vs. CS challenges. He argues that creating a strong customer experience is far more complicated than just providing good customer service. Being a responsive and engaged customer service manager will absolutely have you working in the right direction, but there’s far more to it than that.

#3 – Busted – 5 Common Myths of Customer Service

This article by Adele Halsall outlines the many misconceptions we have about working in customer service. She outlines the very common mistakes that so many companies continue to make in CS from the very newest startups to older and more established businesses.  If you think you were getting the job done by simply meeting  your customers needs, think again!

#4 – Don’t battle your customers. Admit you’re wrong and move on

This article care of The Whine Seller, Hillary DePiano does a great job of outlining just what is at stake when a business refuses to apologize or recognize a mistake.  Her article does a solid job of showcasing just what is at stake when you start to be stubborn and unbending with your customers.

#5 Infographic: A Customer Saved is a Penny Earned

This great infographic demonstrates the financial implications of poor customer service. It is estimated that over 83 billion dollars is lost annually because of poor customer service and this infographic does a great job demonstrating why.


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