This Week’s Best Articles this in Customer Service

Customer service is a large and interesting field, and there are plenty of interesting articles and blog posts online. Below you can find the most interesting articles that I read this week. Find out how to move lost customer into profit, how things that your mother told you over the years can help you with customer service, and more interesting articles.

  1. How to Move Lost Customer into Profit

In order to win customer back, you must find out why they left in the first place, and that’s not an easy work. According to researches the reason that a lot of customer leave is lack of communication. In this article John Tschohl gives some tips how to improve your communication with your customer, and why it’s so important to win him back.

  1. 10 Things Mom Can Teach Us about Customer Service

Do you remember that your mom had told you always do your best? It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it? Take all of the things that your mother told you during the years and think how you can use it for delivering exceptional customer care.

  1. How to Make Your Customer Service More Personal (And Why You Want To)

When you speak with your customers, it’s really important to make them feel they are making bossiness with a human and not with a company. In this article Len Markidan reveal ways to give your customer better human service.

  1. 10 Lessons House Of Cards Can Teach You about Customer Service

All the people who watch the TV show “House of Cards” knows the congressman. This article gives us 10 sentences that congressman use in the show and how you can use it in keeping your customer happy.

  1. Another Way to Differentiate Your Company from Your Competition

If you want your customers to choose you, you have to give them an added value. No matter what kind of business you have, you can find a lot of competitors in the market, and you must segregate yourself from the other business, this article will give you some ideas how doing it.


  1. How to Stop Saying Dumb Things to Customers

When customers ask an employee a question; they expect to get a satisfy answer. Sometimes employees give dumb answers, not because they don’t care, because they just don’t know the answer.

  1. 3 Customer Support Tools You Must Use

This article reveals 3 tools that any kind of business needs. They will make your life easier, and efficient your business from customers complains in different channels, to live chat with customers to get a better understanding of problems and issues that your customer bump into.


  1. Understanding Your Customer Preferences

Customer care is all about sticking to the promises you make to customers. However you can only satisfy your customer’s needs if you get to understand them to an extent that you can anticipate their needs and deliver beyond their expectations.  Here are some tips and advice I gathered on how to understand you customer’s preferences.

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