This Week’s Best in Customer Service News

In this week’s best in Customer Service, the articles outline the impact of modern customer service, 5-star customer service, and even ways to reduce call center stress and attrition.

1. 3 Ways Government Customer Service Can Win the Popular Vote

Tricia Morris’ article shows that it is possible for any agency to transform their customer service in order to compete with the very best in the industry.


2.Improving Customer Service and Support by Reducing Contact Center Agent Stress and Attrition
In Micah Solomon’s article he tackles some of the trouble that comes with call center attrition. In particular he focuses on the role of Tenacity in stress management for call center employees.


3.Modern Customer Service: Are You There Yet?
In this article by Lori Alcala, she reveals some interesting statistics for those who have improved customer service as a goal. In particular, she looks at the findings of a new report on modern customer services and outlines some of its key insights.

4.5-Star Customer Service Should Hurt a Little

Norm Merrit’s article tackles some of the biggest challenges in customer service and outlines just how far you may have to go to meet and exceed your customers expectations.
5.5 Customer Service Nightmares
Finally we look into some of the biggest customer service nightmares with a number of amusing GIFs.


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