This Week’s Best in Customer Support & Engagement

In this week’s best in Customer Success the theme is sin and disaster. From the seven deadly sins of customer experience to customer service disaster avoidance, each of these articles offers some great insights into avoiding the very worst and instead becoming a customer success.

1. The Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Experience

Shep Hyken’s article asks you if your company may be committing one of the seven deadly sins of Customer Experience. If you think the answer is no? Hyken’s article may prove you wrong.

2. 3 Steps to Avoid Customer Service Disasters

Jeannie Walters’ article outlines just how you may be disappointing your customers, and how to prevent this disappointment by managing expectations and communicating well.


 3. The Customer Always Remembers

Paul Jun’s article provides an overview of how to leave your customers with a lasting and happy memory from their customer experience.

 4. Customer Service is the New Marketing

In this article by Michael Hyatt he looks at just why he knows Customer Service is the new marketing by demonstrating what amazing service does for your business.

5. And one I wrote – Video: Customer Service Lessons from Krispy Kreme


Finally in this article we look at the viral video on superior customer service at a Krispy Kreme in Texas. The video in this piece is sure to make an impact.

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