This Week’s Best in Customer Support

By: Amy @IWantItNowBlog Clark

In this week’s best in customer support, the articles identify the importance of human response in online customer support, identify crucial engagement strategies for teams, and point out 5 customer engagement activities to try.

1. Connecting on a Human Level Through Online Customer Support
In this article by Larry Alton he addresses the risk of dehumanizing and depersonalizing the customer support experience. He outlines ways to keep connected in a meaningful and personal way with your customers.

2. 7 Ways to Delivery Proactive Customer Support
Pawel Grabowski’s article outlines proactive customer support strategies and the benefits of this anticipatory model.

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3. 5 Reasons it’s Crucial to Engage Your Customer Service and Product Teams
In this article by Frances S., she outlines the particular reasons why its crucial to engage your teams and customer service. She also discusses the particular ways that you can uphold your brand promises.

4. How to Prevent the Most Common Customer Support Mistakes
Michal Kouril outlines just how to handle the most common customer complaints. This article also identifies just how to prevent mistakes and what to improve.

5. 5 Easy Customer Engagement Activities to Try
Finally in this article we tackle some customer engagement strategies that are worth a try. From creating virtual social events, to using social media or contests, these suggestions could have you interacting with your clients in a new and more engaging way.

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