This Week’s Best Reads in Customer Engagement

This week’s best include the very best in secrets, solutions and service. From fixes for the most difficult customer service situations to secret ingredients for e-commerce success, there’s a solution for a myriad difficulties.

1. Customer service is king; 5 tips for putting together a king’s court

This article by Alaina Scott of Tire Business lays out a great metaphor and plan for finding the best customer service people for your team. There are five characteristics that you should be looking for. This includes sincerity, and patience among other virtuous traits.

2. The One Customer Service Training Secret You Need to Know

Micah Solomon’s article reveals the importance of the BUBL principle. Not quite sure what that is? Solomon’s article will provide you with its definition, and the impact of its implementation with your customer service team.

3. The Secret Ingredient for Winning the Customer Service Battle in e-Commerce

This article by Michiel Gaasterland will help your company capitalize on, and measure the impact of, a successful customer service strategy. If you aren’t sold on e-commerce as a new battleground for customer service, you will be after reading this.

4. The Omnichannel Evolution: Driving Customer Experience Optimization

Paul Stockford, Chief Analyst at Saddletree Research writes this article to bring about more awareness of omnichannel management strategies. These are strategies that will help bring about a more unified front for all your customer service centre’s methods of communication.

5. Drive Customer Satisfaction Using Context-Aware Engagement

This article will help you better understand the importance of customers being treated as individuals, with unique needs. When you can prove to your customers that you care about them as people, this respect and understanding will go a long way in earning customer respect and loyalty.



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