This Week’s Customer Service Top 5

Customer experience and satisfaction have a big influence on any business.  Only question now is how can we improve it? In our weekly roundup, you can find out what kind of website experience mistakes there are and how to avoid them, how to improve customer satisfaction levels, and if the existence of rivalry improves customer service. Check out this week’s top 5 in customer service.

Website Experience Mistakes That Destroy Customer Service

A website is an excellent way to deliver services online, but it can easily become one of the most frustrating elements of customer care. Website is a key cog in the overall customer experience journey process. Therefore, a website  needs to be user-friendly. In this excellent article, by Flavio Martin, you can learn the common web mistakes that often distance customers from your business.

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Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Customer Service Rep

Customer service is one of the most important parts in every successful business. In our days, customers are not afraid to leave even the biggest of brands due to bad and unsatisfying customer service.

The support team has a big impact on your business and revenues, therefore you should choose carefully the people for these positions.  In this article, Ben Camerota  delivers us 4 questions that will help  make sure we are hiring the right people for your customer support team.

10 Important Customer Experience Statistics for 2016

In order to provide great customer service, you need to improve your customer experience. Customer experience is the key to increasing sales and increasing customer loyalty.  In this article, Daniela reviles  10 important statistics on customer experience, from how many consumers experience poor customer support, to how many customers prefer the option of call-back over waiting on hold.

Pleased to Beat You: Customer Service Needs Better Rivalries

“Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game” (Dr. Tony Alessandra). Did you ever think about the power of competition?  Rivalries bring out the best  from the teams, so why not using that in customer service teams?  The author of this article, Tricia Morris, presents us parts of a report that discusses how brands need to sharp their competitive edge.

Improving Customer Satisfaction Levels

Customer satisfaction is considered to be the first requirement for the success of any business. Although improving customer satisfaction is not an easy process, it contributes to your business success and profit. There are levels of customer satisfaction, and in this article you can learn how to improve these customer satisfaction levels.

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